How can I join Profiles?

Anyone can join Profiles using their Facebook or Google Account. When you view our homepage just click “Get Started” , then click the button you want to use.

Why is Profiles free?

Profiles is free because like other online services on the web, we display ads on our user’s profiles. We do this to cover the cost of hosting and maintenance of the site. This is the only way we do business.We don’t sell user database or email accounts, we don’t send email promotions & we don’t post on your behalf on your social media accounts. This is our final word to all our users.

How do I monetize here on Profiles?

Profiles has one of a kind structure. We allow our users monetize on public viewership. Right now, we allow Google Adsense & image ads to be added on a user’s website.

To do this, simply go to your Main Profile Page, then click Edit Settings. From Settings Page, click on Manage Ads tab on the left. You’ll see the Google Adsense screen and click “Edit”. Paste your code there and Profiles will display this for you.

Take note that your ads will only appear publicly. Only people who are not signed in to Profiles will see your ads.

What other ways can I earn besides Adsense?

Profiles will also launch ADspaces soon. This is where users can pick advertisers who they want to promote on their profile. Users will earn based on page impressions & total viewership.

Can I change my URL?

Yes. You may change your site URL whenever you like as long as it’s unique through out the website.

Can I make my website or posts private?

No, you can’t. Profiles is a tool to create a personal website, since it’s a website it’s always publicly viewable the moment you create it. You can change it to “Unpublished” if you are still building your website.

If you can’t find any answers here, email us support@profiles.bio